IVR 4 digits to 3 digits

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Hello freepbx community.

Basically we have an IVR. Our extensions are 2XX but i want when someone calling from outside instead of dialing 2xx extensions they will be able to cal 22xx. I dont want to create 22xx extensions and use follow me in order this to work. Any idea?

Thank you very much!

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Create a custom destination, set the target to:


Then in your IVR, create an entry _22XX and point it to that custom destination

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Hello PitzKey and thank you for your fast response. Can you explain what does this exactly do in order to have an idea?

Also on ivr entry this _22XX will be universal for all my 2XX extensions or i have to create an entry for each of my extensions?

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This catches any 22XX entry in the IVR and then sends it to the custom destination, that custom destination removes the leading 2 and will attempt to find a working 2XX extension.

If you want, you can also enable the return option on that custom destination to return to the IVR.

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