I've a problem with A200 Sangoma

I’ve configured a card A200 sangoma with 2 FXO 2 FXS in a Trixbox 2.6.1. But i can’t see the four trunks in FOP, the FOP only show me ZAP3 and ZAP4.

I can receive inbound calls and i see this calls in a trunk waiting for until it is taken, but when i try to make a outbound call doesn’t happen nothing, in the CLI when i try to make a call I see the ZAP1-1 use.

Sorry by my bad english

you have your card configured for 2 trunks and two extensions so yes you will only see two trunks in the FOP and the other two will be in the extensions if and when you configure them as extensions.


You have an example of this type of extension configuration, I suppose that it was using the ports FXO to do it.

The two trunks in FOP are FXS or FXO?