ITSP adding stupid names to CID NAME, how to override

My ITSP does not seem to pass (subscribe to ) any callerid NAME server, so they just pass the number along. And that’s fine.

However, recently they started putting geographic info in the CID Name field, like ‘DETROIT MI’ for 313 area code numbers. Since the CID NAME is no longer blank, there won’t be any openCNAM searches to replaces this name with something more intelligent.

Is there a way to tell FreePBX trunks to strip the incoming CID name, so that it forces openCNAM lookups to replace that cnam?

Use Caller ID Superfecta, it will only preserve the trunk provided CNAM if you explicitly tell it to.

Is there any way to just force the trunk to do the cnam lookup? (Ignoring CNAM already in place)

Hoping to avoid adding more packages…

I guess I figured this out for myself. The openCNAM option on an inbound route will ALWAYS overwrite the incoming CID Name. So I copied the callerid_X code into extensions_override and added a line of code at the top to skip the openCNAM lookup if the CID Name field is already populated.

Hopefully this helps someone else. Also, perhaps thats a feature request for the FreePBX inbound route module…“leave CNAM Name unchanged if non-blank”