It's off to OTTS they go!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the entire FreePBX Community.

This week I am very proud to be part of the OTTS training occuring in Cleveland Ohio. This session has broken all attendance records. The support of this training by the community is a tremendous help to keeping the FreePBX community staffed and vibrant.

My company, Micro Advantage, is pleased to be hosting the conference. The training is located at the Polaris Career Academy, a client and friend of our company. Polaris is a world class technical education seminar and their IT staff embraces Open Source technology in education. In addition to the training facility Micro Advantage will also be providing lunch every day to to the attendees.

I look forward to meeting all everyone attending next week and extend safe travels to Philippe, Tony and the rest of the team.

Had to cancel at the last minute because of the major flooding occurring in our area. The flooding is affecting about 10% of the town, but it’s still a pain! Most of Vicksburg is situated on bluffs 200 feet above the water.


a.k.a Philippe and Tony and team. a.k.a Philippe and Tony!
So, how’s it going there?

It is going great. 30 students all learning about all things asterisk and freepbx

I just arranged for a venue, lined up the players and paid for some food. I appreciate the kind words however the hard work was done by Philippe and his team, and Tony and his team.

Thanks Skyking, it seems like you did a lot of the heavy lifting to get this one organized. Wish I could be there and put some faces on a few names around here… Have fun!

I’d love an option to see/hear a live stream for at least some of the schedule as well.

Yeah, I’d love to be there…finally, it’s sort of close to the northeast (where I am)…I’d love it if they’d do live webcast or sell a video later.

wish i could be there too - have a great time guys