It may work with Asterisk 1.6 although there are known potential issue (Freepbx 2.10)

The 2.10 Upgrade Tool tell that ? It may work with Asterisk 1.6 although there are known potential issue.

Do Asterisk 1.6 is supported in freepbx 2.10. What are the known potential issue your are talking about.


We made all our design decisions with 1.8+ only in mind.

We did not remove any existing functionality that is already in FreePBX for support as far back as 1.2, but we did not go out of our way to adjust for pre 1.8 versions or check for them particularly in new code.

So … chances are most existing functionality will probably work on 1.6…

However … 1.6 was a horrible release train for Asterisk. Calling it 1.6 is in fact not correct, as there is 1.6.0, 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 which are all considered different releases, have different features, in some cases changed syntax iirc, etc. I can tell you from the developers perspective that none of us ever ran 1.6 as it was such a mess. Most stayed on 1.4 until 1.8 came out and became solid. That is also why 1.8 was chosen for the Distro and why we decided to target 1.8+ for 2.10.

I would not run on 1.6…

But is this still safe to install freepbx 2.10 on a system runnning asterisk 1.6.

It is unsupported and not tested. I for one would follow the advise of the folks who wrote FreePBX when they say it is not recommended.

If you choose to install against the recommendations of the software vendor and have problems you might not be able to get much support.

Asterisk 1.6 is EOL. It also get no security fixes. I doubt you will see any resources being applied to Asterisk 1.6.


Which contains the following

Release Series Release Type Release Date Security Fix Only EOL 1.2.X 2005-11-21 2007-08-07 2010-11-21 1.4.X LTS 2006-12-23 2011-04-21 2012-04-21 1.6.0.X Standard 2008-10-01 2010-05-01 2010-10-01 1.6.1.X Standard 2009-04-27 2010-05-01 2011-04-27 1.6.2.X Standard 2009-12-18 2011-04-21 2012-04-21 1.8.X LTS 2010-10-21 2014-10-21 2015-10-21 10.X Standard 2011-12-15 2012-12-15 2013-12-15