It is possible to install diferent phone system in one Hard Drive

HI. it is possible to install diferent phone system in one Hard Drive

ex. If I had one HArd drive with 300 gigas instead of only put a freepbx want to know if I be able to put more than one telephone systems like

one freepbx 2.7 other freeswitch other for the coming freepbx 3.0 it is possible and how

thanks so much

Hi qubo,
It is possible to run two (or more) versions of Asterisk from the same physical hard drive by using virtual servers.
You will need to first install a Virtual server manager such as VMWare ESXi and then create as many virtual servers as you require, assuming your server is powerful enough.
Configuring Asterisk to run in a virtual environment can be a little bit tricky especially if you have hardware line cards, but it does work.

I don’t think you would be able to get multiple releases (FreePBX, Freeswitch, AsteriskNow, etc) working within a single install of Linux as they would all be trying to share the same TCP ports and would get very confused.

Hope that helps.

what I want is to have several diferent telephone systems in the hardrive but only use one or boot with one then if i want to test other system only select the telephone system i want to use I dont want or need to use all the telephone system at same time. only switch which I want to use.

but of course what I dont want is to use a huge hardrive for only one system

one system needs only 6 gigas to operate but if I have a 300 gigas i want to use the extra space to allocate more systems
what means UVL ? I think I saw that in the install of some centos packages

well any idea that allow me to use several telephone system and allow me to config what system I want to boot are welcome

thanks for alla