It is possible to add confrence module after install asterisk?

I just installed the asterisk and freepbx from source and it is running very well… Now I nedd to add the conference module (meetme or confbridge). It is possible to do this and how ?

If you have installed all the modules there should be a conference option in the top menu. Just create one and you are done.

That’s the problem! I did not install the module…

Just go to the module admin page and install it from there. Press check online and it will show up as an available module.

They are referring the the “Asterisk” conferencing module, not the “FreePBX” conferencing module, since they installed from source I’m fairly certain they will need to go back in and recompile Asterisk with that module.

Ha you are right, well then they know what to do. :stuck_out_tongue: