iSymphonyServerV3 Memory leak - Schedule a restart every night?

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We have to restart the iSymphonyServerV3 service about once every 2 weeks. We contacted cloud9 and they did an update which made it a lot better, but it is still an issue where we have to restart. How can I create a crontab to set it to restart once a week or night?

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Let’s say you want to have a cron that restarts iSymphony every Sunday at 1:30 am or something like that.

crontab -e

then add to the file

30 1 * * 0 /bin/systemctl restart iSymphonyServerV3

This is adjustable based on when and how often you want to restart the service.

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Perfect. I’ll give this a shot. Sometimes, I have to wait like 60 sec before I start it. How could we schedule the stop, then start 60 seconds later?

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You can write a script to do a systemctl stop iSymphonyServerV3 and then wait and run the start command, then point your cron to that script instead but why would you have to wait? The restart command will not start until it completely stops first.

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sometimes it takes a min to stop but I’ll try the restart first

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The restart should definitely wait for the stop to complete before it tries the start. If you have any issues, create a bash script like below:


/bin/systemctl stop iSymphonyServerV3
sleep 60
/bin/systemctl start iSymphonyServerV3

Then make your crontab like

30 1 * * 0 /path/to/

Make sure the file is executable.

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Thanks again!

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so I tried this and it doesn’t appear the crontab restart is working. Running systemctl status iSymphonyServerV3 gives Active: active (running) since Wed 2021-06-23 19:22:23 EDT; 2 days ago


cron jobs run in the /bin/sh environment by default ($PATH and all) , make sure your script so honors that, you should edit as

crontab -e -u root

and make sure it works after you

su root
(run the script as in the crontab)

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The script runs. I ran the crontab as admin, so I’ll see what it does tonight. Thanks as usual Dicko


If you actually have an ‘admin’ account with sufficient privileges it should work

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still no luck. The crontab is not running. Manually running the command works fine.

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What is the output of crontab -l

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0 0 * * * ~/scripts/
30 1 * * 0 /bin/systemctl restart iSymphonyServerV3

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Keep in mind that this will only run this cron at 1:30 am on Sundays. Check /var/log/cron and find the line for that specific cron at that time and paste it here.

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I’ll check next week then lol and post back

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You can change it to run on a different day if you don’t want to wait. That last 0 is Sunday. 0 thru 6 = Sunday thru Saturday.

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Once a week should be fine. This program has had memory leaks since day one. Talked to the owner. It’s gotten better and a great program but this is the easiest fix lol without adding a ton of ram

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