iSymphony vs FOP2? which one better?

Hi everyone,

Like to check on this one.

I like to have a receptionist panel based on freepbx and asterisk. I got to know about isymphony from the other post i had.

a) which is better? i mean better web interface, easy to use?
b) which integrates betters? coz i will installing freepbx distro, so wonder which one can install easier and better?
c) which is more affordable? are they 1 time fees?

Any help? Thanks.

We use and love iSmphony. They have done a lot of work for tight integration into FreePBX and also help contribute code back into FreePBX to help improve FreePBX

But isymphony is really expensive!

there’s conductor and client version … hmm?

is there any comparisons between these 2? any help? i need to justify this to my partner.

Have you been over to the iSymphony web site?