iSymphony upgrade?

iSymphony that is installed with the Free_PBX distro will no longer work.

After an upgrade to Java 1.7.0_51 the launcher will mention that Java does not allow self signed application to run…

According to the iSymphony site:


Upgrade to iSymphony 2.8.2+ which is now signed via a valid certificate authority.

If you can access the iSymphony client Administration Interface you can update using the Automated Update Instructions in the Updating guide.

If you cannot access the client you will have to use the following commands to update the server via the iSymphony CLI.

iSymphony on the FreePBX distro module admin shows a version Is there a way within the distro to upgrade this?

We include the latest iSymnphony in our ISO. You need to make sure you are keeping your PBX updated.

Many Thanks Tony!