iSymphony Support non-responsive or have they stopped supporting it

I have been using iSymphony module for the past 3 or 4 years. There seemed to be some support for this module but now there doesn’t appear to be any development or active support. I have paid for my annual support but I have received no response to a ticket I opened on May 6. Efforts to reach i9 Technologies by phone 505.246.4220 Option 2 takes you to a mailbox that is full. Has anyone tried to get support for this module recently? I moved my install from a FPBX V14 to V15 and I having issues with restarting the isymphony service. service iSymphonyServerV3 restart, or stop then start appears to be successful but I am unable to get to the http://serverIP:58080/administrator/admin or http://serverIP:58080/client/client ui. I continually receive 404 errors telling me the administrator or client access is not available.
I’m frustrated by the lack of support by the developer. There should be some sort of minimal development in order to be considered an active commercial module by FPBX.

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