iSymphony Stuck Calls

I keep having stuck calls showing in iSymphony Client

I have confirmed that there are no Asterisk channels stuck and even despite having 0 active channels and 0 active calls these stuck calls remain in iSymphony.

I keep having to perform an iSymphonyServerV3 restart in order to clear the calls.

The iSymphony Client and Asterisk reside on the same host so I think I can rule out networking problems causing packet loss, latency, etc.

Is there a more permanent solution? If not how may I debug this to try to find the problem?

What exactly do you see in iSymphony when a call is stuck, is this related to queues?

Yes it is queue related. When viewing queues there is an agents, statistics and calls pane.

The stuck calls are shown in the calls pane and may be there for many hours.

So I have seen this scenario when using a very specific call flow:

  • A user has a live call and transfers the call to a queue using attended transfer
  • call is received and answered by queue
  • user completes the attended transfer
  • call is answered by queue agent

Essentially the Caller ID of the call changes while it is in the queue which confuses iSymphony. i9 is aware of this issue, the work around is to use blind transfer not attended.