Isymphony softphone integration help

I’m trying to create a custom pbx for our call center. Freepbx seem a good product for this. Now what i need is a user web interface for my operators to login and start receiving calls but also i need some common feature like change status, see other statuses, transfer call, ecc…
iSymphony seems good but from what i see it lacks the softphone (or phone) to make and receive calls.
Has someone already deal with that and in what way?

i have tryed adding a softphone like sipml5 but i see 2 problems:

  1. the user is force to login 2 times, one in which you have to know sip extension, port, ip
  2. doing outbound call the extensions itself (maybe a bug?)

ofc all i have wrote came from my search in internet and some test, and i’m not very expirence with Voice Software so if there are some mistake feel free to correct me.
Thank for the help

The WebRTC module adds a basic soft phone to the UCP.

isn’t it the same of simpl5, i have to login to iSymphony and to UCP, have i not?

the advantage is that it need only the same credential and not the other tecnical stuff like port, ip ecc…

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