iSymphony no longer available

I came in this morning to find that our users were no longer able to access the iSymphony client. This page is displayed when trying to access the client login:

I’ve restarted iSymphony and that didn’t seem to help. All of the server connection and license info is now missing in the FreePBX module:

I have verified that the server is running:

Everything was working fine as of Friday afternoon and there were no configuration changes made over the weekend. Has anyone else had this happen before? Any ideas on some additional troubleshooting steps I could try? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Some ideas, restart iSymphony.
Force downwload and install of cxpanel in FreePBX modules then restart iSymphony.
At least temporarily, shut down prosody and xmpppresence services (if running).
Use Chrome as browser.
Clean browser cookies.