Isymphony link moved

Hey all.
In previous version of the distro, the FOP web root folder was always http://FreePBX.Server.IP.Address/isymphony
When installing FOP2, in Advanced settings you could change FOP Web Root by removing the word isymphony and putting in fop2.
On the Operator link on the home page, this would then open http://FreePBX.Server.IP.Address/fop2 and the credential box would come down.
Now i noticed that the link on the home page goes to http://FreePBX.Server.IP.Address/admin/isymphony and if you change in advanced settings as above it tried to go to http://FreePBX.Server.IP.Address/admin/fop2
The “admin” is new.
Can someone tell me how i can get around this? Is this something I need to ask in the FOP2 forum? Or can I change the destination for the Operator Panel link in FreePBX?
Thanks in advance.

The FOP2 guys need to make sure their module sets things up inside /admin\

For a hack you could do a symlink inside admin/fop2 back to where fop2 is

I thought of that but need to Google how. (Linux is not my native OS)
Can you tell me where I need to put the link?
Can you tell me why the directory structure was changed? All seemed to work fine before but now have to edit the files to be able to choose the FOP.
I just find isymphony to be a bit of overkill for most people and seem to always have dramas setting it up when i do try it again.
Thanks again.

In the FOP Web Root part of Advanced settings,
Remove iSymphony and replace with …/fop2

Hope this helps others :slight_smile: