iSymphony Licence

We are looking to upgrade our installation of Trixbox to FreePBX and have noticed that it includes iSymphony.
Can anyone let me know how many licences you get with the version included with FreePBX.
Many Thanks

Ummm… I have always gone to for isymphony info. is The iSymphony Vendor Management System Solution".


None, it’s the demo version. Go to to see limitations. It never expires.

You get one client license, which is the demo version as skyking noted. Many features are not enabled, but will give you a pretty good idea of the capabilities of the product. You can now also purchase iSymphony licenses directly in the FreePBX Store, by purchasing via this method you help support FreePBX development as well.

I just that, i.e. migrated to FreePBX (PIAF) from Trixbox PRO (includes HUD Pro). It was a very steep learning curve.

The hardest choice to make was to “abandon” HUD. I opted to buy licenses for isymphony. This is a pretty good replacement for HUD.
One feature i really miss is related to chat: HUD was able to set the status to “away” (auto-away), if a user was not at his desk for X seconds. (real valuable when you have multiple locations/offices)

We ended up running Spark (chat client) in addition to isymphony to get that functionality. Hopefully in a future release this will be an option in isymphony.

That’s what I said, isn’t it <<g>>

As Preston indicated buy via FreePBX store to support project.

Scott! You changed it! LOL

Chat Client? Stay Tuned to this channel, more news at eleven… Okay maybe not eleven, but as soon as I can slow down to write up some info we’ll have some breaking news for you.