iSymphony, how to use it

hello All,

from module Admin/iSymphony, I see:

Status: Up
Version: iSymphony v2.8.2 rev 4975

So everything should be in place.

However, I can’t see how to use it.
The operator panel in the home page links to version 3.
I expected to find it at freepbxserver:50003, but no, it isn’t there.

I would like to see what I can do with the free license, as I only need one client.

Thanks for your time,



Have you searched for nd read the documentation on iSymphony?

I could only find docs about v3, which seems a different beast

So you are saying the vendor of the product has absolutely no documentation on their website?

Found it


Got it. Thanks.

I installed a client for testing purposes, added executable bit to my Ubuntu 14.04 desktop shortcut, but after repeated warnings like “are you sure you want to run this app”, it vanishes.

Any idea?