iSymphony DND

@mwolf9 How can i manage DND setting by iSymphony client? If i turn on DND by the widget Users it can’t be turning off by the available options on the client iSymphony.

Only way to turning off DND is goto FreePbx ARI -> Phone Features -> uncheck DND.
Is this known issue?
iSymphony v. build 1468

Make sure that you have Custom Device State turned on in FreePBX in order for iSymphony to track and manage DND state properly via the DND buttons on the user boxes or from within the user menu:

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“Enable Custom Device States” option is already set to true. But DND state can’t be managed properly. @mwolf9 How i can debug and report it?

I’m trying test DND on fresh installation of FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-13 and same version of iSymphony ( build 1468). I can’t manage DND state. Where is no ARI in Distro 6. UCP report that DND state is off. But i can’t make a call to extension that have DND on by the iSymphony.

What version of asterisk are you utilizing with FreePBX 11 or 12?

Asterisk 11 on FreePBX Distro 5 (was converted from AsteriskNow 3

Do you get any hints when running the following command

asterisk -rx "core show hints"

Where are 469 hints registered

I install FreePbx DND module which provides donotdisturb functionality. Now the iSymphony client indicates DND correctly (red icon) and DND state can be changed by client. This module adds [ext-dnd-hints] and [app-dnd-toggle] contexts to dialplan.