iSymphony Cyrillic alphabet

@mwolf9 Is it possible to use the Cyrillic alphabet for filling in the User Profile? The iSymphony client works well with Cyrillic, but then i reload FreePbx by “Apply Config” all changes are reset.

Thx for your help.


iSymphony itself will work perfectly fine with Cyrillic characters anywhere, since Unicode is natively supported by Java and we don’t place any restrictions on characters anywhere in the panel.

Your immediate problem is that if you’re setting the Cyrillic characters within the iSymphony administration interface, when you reload FreePBX, the iSymphony FreePBX module will overwrite those changes. You need to be setting the extension names in FreePBX rather than iSymphony.

With that said, it looks like you need FreePBX 2.11+ to allow support for Unicode characters. 2.10 and below will not allow you to set a Cyrillic character as an extension name.

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