iSymphony Client not connecting to Asterisk Server

I installed Distro 2.10. Part of the Distro is iSymphony. I installed all to make thorough testing of all its features.

I setup extensions, install Softphone to workstations and play around with it(call, transfer, hold,pickup…etc) and everything works well.

Now Im testing iSymphony. So from the FreePBX portal, I clicked on Operator Panel and able to install client. From client i can see all the extensions that i have created. I can see all of them available(from Extensions)except for 1 thing. Under My Extensions, the user is logoff(can not call this user to his extension).

The only time the iSymphony user becomes Available is if I run the softphone from the same computer using iSymphony client.

Is this normal? Do I have to use softphone for the user to be Available?
iSymphony is running as Free License as I have issue activating my license. Nevertheless I shouldd still be able to use 1 iSymphony client as Free License comes with 1 client cant I?.

Can anyone please advise me on my iSymphony Client issue. Ive seen video on Youtube about small demo of iSymphony and it does not show that the user have softphone installed.

Thank you very much.

isymphony is not a softphone in itself so what you are seeing is quite normal. It is designed to manage calls, etc, from an existing extension so you still need a phone of some sort.