iSymphony Backup Proceedure

Freepbx distro 10.13.66-17 All modules up to date
Asterisk 13.12.1

I use the backup / restore module to backup my primary server to my hotspare server. I am not sure if iSymphony is being backed up however.
After restoring my backup and I am using my hotspare server I cannot log into isymphony, like I am using the wrong username or password.

This is what I am backing up, am I backing up iSymphony already??

Please at least a direction or idea if someone would be so kind.

Are you using the FreePBX module to sync User Manager settings to iSymphony? If so, iSymphony on the warm spare should work the same way as soon as settings are applied.

Hi @lgaetz I was hoping you would see n respond to my post. Sure appreciate your time. I will verify that I am when I get in front of PC I believe I am though if I had to guess. Just started to use the iSymphony and I was testing the login abilities to the hot spare and it kept replying I had an incorrect username or password. I never thought to check that so thanks for giving me a direction to go.

Ok just got back and checked out the settings … here they are

So yes I do have “Sync with user management” selected and when I was trying to login to my hot spare server (when it was acting as the primary server during testing over the weekend) I was unable to login. Any other ideas possibly??

So it shouldn’t take any more doing a reload with:

fwconsole r

you will also probably have to back up the /opts/isymphony conf file and on the restore you might have to also reinstall the server and then restore the conf - at least that is the proceedure to move isymphony from one system to another. hope it helps

Thanks Bob that is great feedback. I will give that a try.

@lgaetz I’m not sure what you mean that I will need to restart asterisk / freepbx /etc with the fwconsole r (restart) command.

Just to clarify this is a hot spare server meaning that I have it online ready to be used in the even that our primary server had gone down. I usually backup the main server and restore it to this server (using FreePBX backup/restore module) only when I make a number of changes on the primary server … so usually once every few weeks on average.

For iSymphony to know about users you need to do a fwconsole reload. He did not say restart.

This is because iSymphony only knows of users and logins on a reload. iSymphony has to be running and licensed when the reload is done or it wont pull the logins from user man.