iSymphony actions in the panel

@mwolf9 How i must manage permissions to use this functionality:

  1. transfer;
  2. park;
  3. hold;
  4. hangup;
  5. dynamically generated Conference Room;

Thx for your help.

In order to utilize those functions your user must have permissions on the objects involved in the actions.

For example if I wanted to transfer a call from extension 100 to extension 200 the extension configuration for extension 100 must grant my user permission to “transfer from” and extension 200 must grant my user permission to “transfer to”.

Another example that would not involve two permissions would be hangup. In order for your user to hangup a call on its extension you would have to configure that extension to grant your user access to hangup calls on the extension.

Most of the actions that you have mentioned are managed via the permissions on the Extension page in the iSymphony Administrator with the exception of park, which also requires a permission on the parking lot itself, and dynamic conference rooms, which is a permission in the user configuration page. You can take a look at the following document to get more information on the permission system.

NOTE that the current permission system is cumbersome when setting permissions on multiple objects and in not very intuitive. Because of these shortcomings we have decided to completely revamp our permission system. We are hoping to have the new permission system implemented in 3.1.

Please let me know if my explanation needs further elaboration.