Issues with Zulu Mobile

We are testing Zulu at the moment for both click-to-call and the app for desktop / iPhone / Android.
It works quite well but there are some really weird issues.
Here are the two main ones that I would love to have help with:
1 When someone rings my extension and I answer it from the handset, sometimes the iPhone app keeps ringing. Not all the time though.
2 When a call comes into our ring group and someone else answers the call, I sometimes all of a sudden get a call on my iPhone app with an internal user’s name. When I answer it, it says that the call cannot be connected and I get a message that I had a missed call, but from the external caller, not the internal user’s name. It then keeps trying to connect and I have to force-quit the app.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Zulu mobile is being replaced by Sangoma Connect Mobile. Can you try that instead?

Hi Stewart1, thanks so much for letting me know.
I have installed the module and everything looks fine but when I start the service it tells me that it is disabled and needs to be enabled in the module UI. When I check however it is enabled. I have tried disabling and re-enabling it but I get the same result. I have done a reload.
Any ideas?

Kind Regards,

Got it working.
I thought they meant under the module admin but there is an option to enable the service under Admin - SangomaConnect.
I’ll test it and see if I don’t have the same issues as with Zulu Mobile.
Thanks for the suggestion.

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