Issues with TIme Groups- Server time: Not received

When under time groups in FreePBX 13 BETA, it shows this: Server time: Not received

This is causing a major problem because I can’t set my time conditions or time groups because they wont work correctly because I believe it does not know the time. Everynight I have to manually set the phones to an answering service when the building closes.

I have the time set correctly by SSH as well as the time zone thru the freePBX software.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

server time not received fixed:

Should come out in an update.

This was a simple javascript thing and should have zero effect on actual functionality.

My testing shows that Time Groups and Conditions do work even though the time is not diplayed in the GUI, however it is important that you NOT choose day 00 when defining time groups.

Do you mean time to start 00 and time to finish 00?

Some of the business hours for example are 7am so it has to be 7 and then 00.

That should be okay, correct?

I was referring the the Month Day Start and Month Day End fields. The bug is fixed now, but an earlier version allowed you to select a 0 for the day, i.e. the 0th of May which would cause problems.

Just make sure your modules are up to date, for the beta track module updates are published pretty much daily and sometimes several times a day.