Issues with queue


in my company i have one queue with 4 agents (A) with a waiting of 13 minutes for the caller.
And i have another agent (B) who are not in the queue.

Actually i want that if after 30 secondes in the queue, nobody respond to the caller, then the caller will be transfered at the agent B… BUT if the agent B and Agents A not respond then the caller just wait 13 minutes in the queues (with A agents).

Thank you !

ps: sorry for my english !

this is not the most elegant but i think you can do this with 2 queues. first queue has all A agents with a timeout value of 30 seconds. the queue exit then goes to the second queue that has a wait time of 13 minutes and includes all A and B agents.

the result is that the first queue will ring the A agents for 30 seconds, then move the call to the second queue which will ring all A and B agents and if no answer will keep the caller in the queue for 13 minutes

Thank you for the answer !

Actually it is not really what i want.


A agent = 3 persons
B agent = 1 person

If a caller call A so he is on the queue of A agents … but if all A agents are not available so the caller is transfered to the B agent … if after 30 seconds B agent is not available too, SO caller RETURN to the queue of A agents.

You know what i mean ?

Similar in the opposite.

If a caller call B agent and he is not available so he is transfered onto A queue (A agents) … AND if after 30 seconds A agents are not available, so caller is transfered (again), at B agent.

Thank you !

And also i would like to keep the priority of the caller … :blush:

The following might work for you:

Queue 1) A Agents - set a 30 second timeout to Queue 2. and enable "Skip Busy"
Queue 2) B Agents - set a 30 second timeout to Queue 3.
Queue 3) A Agents or All Agents, and increase the timeout limit…

Good luck.

Yes, thank you.

It could work, i will try tomorrow :wink:

But for the priority ? if A is available and a caller going to the Queue 1 BUT a caller is already in queue 3 ? who is the first ?

I don’t know, take a moment and test it. :slight_smile:

Fyi, there’s a Commercial Module: Queue Penalty Rules (Queues Pro) which might help you to help you with the priorities.

Good luck.

OK, thanks but queue pro is expensive.

Also i have another question.

If an agent is in five queues and 5 callers comes to each queue … who is the first that the agent take by default ?

Thank you in advance.

don’t over think this.
the answer to the queue priority is a bit complicated. the short answer is that if a person is in multiple queues and the ring strategy is set to ringall on all queues, skip busy agents is on and no one else is in the queue and you get 5 inbound calls, each call going to a different queue, the answer is that most likely the first call will ring the agent from its associated queue. remember, if 5 calls come in at exactly the same time the system will answer them as they come in. but it is a horse race. if one queue does more processing than another, it could be that the call to this queue (and the resulting ringing of phones) happens after a later call that came into a queue that does less work.
the answer to your original question is what PitzKey suggested.