Issues with GUI and time

I am having issues with accessing the website GUI. I put my time zone and area and keyboard but the actual time hasnt changed. I was given an error saying that asterisk cant load until time is correct. Any help would be very helpful.

Help us help you: you should provide us a little bit more information about your system, is it during a FreePBX Distro install or what? are you trying an install of FreePBX and Asterisk separately on CentOS or is a system up and running yet?

If you’re trying a first FreePBX Distro install (which version?) are you sure you have Ethernet Card properly configured (via DHCP or Manually)? Has your system Internet access (for synching with Interne NTP service)?

You should provide more details and then Community’s users would help you.

check your date:-


if it doesn’t look right and you have an internet connection

service ntpd stop;ntpdate;service ntpd start

should fix it.

I feel I should point out that I too, have also noticed that ntpdate was not configured to run on my vanilla install (freepbx distro). I had to manually ‘chkconfig --level 2345 ntpdate on’.

Only noticed this after reverting to a 2 day old snapshot over the weekend, and didn’t realize till Monday morning (lots of panicked calls about phones not working on a Monday morning) that ntp hadn’t synced.

Note that ntpd IS configured to run on 2345, but that actually makes things worse because that’s where your provisioned phones are getting their date/time from. If ntpdate isn’t running, your server time can be out due to recovering from an old snapshot/backup, your hypervisor time is out, or even just drift.

Not at all sure why ntpdate isn’t configured to run by default.