Issues with Gateway and VOIPswitch

Hi, I need someone help! its really urgent

I have two GXW4108 controled by a VoipSwitch

The thing is that not all the calls I send gets connected, just some of them. I do not know if I have an isse with the Gateway or the Switch. I have both GWs in a private LAN and they go out using port forwarding, both configured using 5060 as internal port and using differente as external ports.

Maybe some of you can help me with this, it is blowing my mind!

Can you provide a detailed explanation of your voip infrastructure related to the Grandstream gateways?


The voipswitch is configured like this:

  • two wholesale clients that send the calls to the GWs, assigned with their tariff
  • two retail clients that I use to test
  • two gateways configured with a dialing plan (Country code - 2XXX XXXX) and codecs (G729A/B, G711 and G7231), the first using 5060 as port and the second using 9099 as port (those ports are port forwarded in the router at the office where the GWs are)

If you need a particular information just let me know…

For example, the calls sent to Call Center are giving me back 503, I assume this is because those calls do not ring at all, so there is something missing at the config… About the other calls (the ones that must ring) some work some not

When you say voipswitch, what do you mean, exactly? Are you referring to asterisk?

It is a server with the VoipSwitch Manager 2.1.141 installed. With it I can configure routes; calls from a client to terminate them in gateways configured in it.

So, it managed all; the route, gateway, clients, calls, dialing plan, etc

I don’t mean to be rude, but where in your infrastructure are you using FreePBX ? This seems to be an issue with VoipSwitch Manager, unless there is a FreePBX somewhere in the middle that you are not mentioning.

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If he’s still having trouble two years later, he’s far more patient that any of the rest of us…

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