Issues with freepbx and sangoma phones

I hope I’m posting this in the correct forum, if not please direct me to the right place.

I’m configuring a freepbx and a mixture of sangoma / digium phones for a friend. Currently running FreePBX 16 and the majority of the phones are Sangoma S500s I configured the endpoint manager with the autoprovisioning credentials from FreePBX and input them into the Sangoma portal. Today I hopped on to do some things and the phones that were previously in the sangoma portal have disappeared. I contacted Sangoma and was given a luke warm response to just purchase their cloud platform.

The odd thing is while the phones didn’t show up under products / phone / list. When I went to open a ticket they did show up in the drop down there, maybe it’s an issue with their database? I also attempted to readd the phone’s via mac address and was told that my organization already has access to these devices, but alas they don’t show up.

Has anyone else had issues like this? or can you offer any guidance? I’m fairly technical, but I feel like I’m punked at the moment.

If you are referring to zero-touch, once the phone gets the information about your PBX it updates the phone to talk to the PBX for provisioning. This is why you dont see them after they are added and pulled their updates.

Are the phones in the EPM?

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All phones that you have claimed should be visible when you browse to Phones → List in the portal. That is how you access the zero touch settings for each device. If you are not seeing that, and you are logging in as a user for the org that has the phones claimed, please open a support ticket in the Phones category.

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