Issues with external Zulu clients

Hello Everyone,

For a while we have been using a mix of Jitsi & GS Wave softphones successfully both internally & externally.
Recently we purchased some Zulu licenses & started implementation, but we are unable to get calls from external Zulu clients (both desktop & mobile) to work, Zulu logs in, but calls will not connect & eventually time out. Using Jitsi or GS Wave externally, or the Zulu clients internally all work fine.

We opened TCP port 8002 in addition to the SIP & RTP ports we already had open.

Asterisk Version: 16.6.2
FreePBX Version:
Zulu Version:
Zulu Client: Latest Stable (one latest alpha)

Any ideas?



That should Just Work™. You’ll need to open a support ticket at to get some help.

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