Issues with calling while on VPN

Okay, this is clearly configuration related but.

I have a softphone for several people. Outside of the office it works great. Inside the office it works great. Connect to our VPN (OpenVPN) it doesn’t work.

Pings work, but obviously, I’m hitting some sort of NAT issue but no matter when I try I don’t seem to be able to solve it. Does anybody have any ideas or anything else? I don’t mind opening a support ticket and paying but I’m not sure if they can help me with this.

What VPN Client are you using? The IP Range the VPN Server is giving out has to be in the list of Internal Subnets for Asterisk to do the NAT translation correctly - Here is a typical setting:

Settings → Asterisk SIP Settings → General SIP Settings → Local Networks.

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So I’m using an OpenVPN AS server. Frustratingly I don’t seem to be having much success having it not do NAT all on it’s own.

But even trying to keep everything external things seem the break!

What softphone are you using? Some softphones, like csipsimple or grandstream wave, use the local IP instead of the OpenVPN assigned IP and you need to configure those extensions with NAT = Yes even though the VPN is technically not natted.

Zoiper correctly uses the OpenVPN assigned IP and doesn’t need the extension to be configured for NAT.

I’m using Bria.

I have configured NAT=yes with no success…

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