Issues with 7941G Dialing Out

Hi all,

I’ve got ten or so cisco phones, of various models, in a little private phone network that has been working well for a few months now.

I recently got a new generation of phone, a 7941 (the others are 79x0 and 79x2 series) and it’s 95% working. I just can’t dial out from it. It almost seems like it’s not taking the dialplan despite my tftp server showing that it’s been sent over. The same dialplan works with every other phone on the network so I’m not sure why this specific one would be having problems.

I updated to the latest SIP firmware, and it can recieve calls and access any features that don’t require dialing with no issues. But trying to call any number results in nothing happening until it times out with a dead extension sound after 20 seconds or so.

Help would be greatly appreciated. This network has been working smoothly with the other phones so I’m getting slightly frustrated that this one isn’t working. Below is my dialplan.xml:

  <TEMPLATE MATCH="91.........." TIMEOUT="0"/>
  <TEMPLATE MATCH="9.........." TIMEOUT="0"/>

For instance, dialing 097 (a valid extension on all other phones) does nothing. The phone seems to be waiting for further input (as if the dialplan isn’t correctly configured).

Again help is greatly appreciated!

By that you mean a new generation almost 12+ years ago. That phone, in particular, has been End of Life for almost for almost 10 years. It was announced EOL in 2009 and full contracted support / updates ended in 2015. This is by far a “new generation”. In fact almost all of the 79XX series is fully EOL and beyond any normal support. If any support is left on them it’s 100% contracted.

There really isn’t going to be much that can be done here. You may be running latest SIP firmware for the Ciscos but since those phones have been EOL’d for so long they were never tested against it. This is clearly an issue with the phone not accepting digits. That could be something with the latest firmware and those phones. Not sure but this isn’t a FreePBX issue, it’s a Cisco 7941G issue which might get some more help at the Cisco forums.

Oh yeah, I’m aware. By new generation, I mean new to me. Sorry about that.

I figured I’d ask here first, since typically the cisco forums are very hostile to freepbx users and people who aren’t doing things the normal way.

Thanks either way.

This has nothing to do with FreePBX, at all. This is the phone not accepting digits. Doesn’t matter what system it is connected to, that has no bearing on the digits the phone accepts. That is 100% a phone configuration thing.

In no way do you need to mention FreePBX. “I have this phone, here’s my config, I’m running this firmware version, my phone doesn’t seem to accept the digits I have configured in my config. Any thoughts?”

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