Issues with 2.11 to 12 upgrade

Hi there. I setup a test FreePBX system on a VM to test the 2.11 to 12 upgrade tool. I restored a backup of one of my live PBXes so it would have some real data to work with.

I ran into 2 issues. First, on the 5th or 6th round of module upgrades, it got to the Endpoint Manager upgrade. It got hung on Rebuilding Configs for a good hour. I got impatient (hey, it’s a test machine) and closed the window. I then went to module admin and continued running the upgrades and the rest of them finished with no trouble.

Did I mess up? Should rebuilding configs take that long for about 6 devices, or was it hung up? One note, the live PBX from which I took the backup has the commercial EPM licensed where my VM did not. Perhaps that was part of the problem?

The second issue is that after the update was all done, when I go into System Admin, it still gives me the old PBX Firmware version: 5.211.65-21. Is this a problem? Or is that unrelated to this upgrade?