Issues using Find Me / Follow Me to external number

I am having an issue using virtual extensions to ring our other office. I have two offices, we will call them Office AB and Office RL. Both are running FreePBX systems (AB uses v13x, RL uses 14x), both have their own accounts with our provider.

Office AB can dial a virtual extension (319 for example), and get routed to an external number just fine using the Find Me / Follow Me settings. (I put the dial out number first, type out the local number, appended with a #). Office RL can not dial a virtual extension and get routed to an external number. The configurations are identical, server-wide.

I can dial office AB from Office RL just fine if I dial out the whole number instead of the virtual extension.

I have done packet captures on both servers when the call from RL to AB happens. In the packet capture from the source server (Office RL), I see the call being attempted, however it returns a 603 error code.

On the packet capture from the server at Office AB (the destination), I see no record of the call hitting the server at all.

I’d love to get some help, and hopefully you see something happening that I am not. I have a feeling it is my telephony provider, but their support/service is atrocious and even simple tickets take 2-3 weeks to resolve. I have sent the packet captures to my support rep, but it will be a while until he gets back to me so I was hoping that someone here might know of something I don’t.

Your lower capture (in green) is the call from extension 201 to the virtual extension on the PBX; it looks completely normal (in that it played the expected error message after the provider rejected the call).

The upper capture (in red) is the call from the PBX to Cbeyond, who rejected the call with a 401 error. Look at the INVITE packet in detail. Possibly, the number in the SIP URI (or To header) is incorrect or in a format not accepted by the provider, e.g. they may expect a US number to be in 11 digit format (1 + area code + number). Or, the call may be rejected because of invalid caller ID. In the Follow Me settings for the virtual extension, try setting Change External CID Configuration to Outside Calls Fixed CID Value and set Fixed CID Value to the main number for the RL office (in the format expected by the provider).

If no luck, compare the INVITE sent to the provider with one sent when you dial the AB office number directly.

If you still have trouble, post details about your follow me settings, outbound routes and settings for the trunk in question. Of course, mask any personal info such as phone numbers, account numbers, passwords, public IP addresses, etc.

Slightly off topic: Why are you doing this at all? Normally, you would set up intra-company trunks so you can directly dial extensions, ring groups, etc. from one office to another, without going through a provider at all. If your configuration is for security or administrative reasons, please let us know the constraints.

Ok - I didn’t know about Intra-Company Trunks. Wow I feel stupid. I will research that, and perhaps this will fix my issue.

I am hoping this will work with how we have our firewalls setup.

I know I can ping the local static IPs of the servers through a VPN.

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