Issues transferring calls Gigaset handsets

Hi guys,

My setup was as follows.

Gigaset Dx800a with two gigaset handsets running thru a freshpbx hosted pabx thru our local isp

The buttons on the dx800a started to play up so it was retired. Hence I purchased a yealink t42s and the N510 ip pro.

So now I have the t42s as a desk phone in one office and the two gigaset handsets in another office running off the N510, with each handset registered with its own extension.

Everything functions correctly when using the t42s, I can make and receive calls, attended and blind transfers etc.

When I try and transfer a call to another extension using the r key on either gigaset handset, the person on the other end hears the on hold music start and on the handset I dial the extension no then hang up. Immediately after I hang up the call bounces back to the handset.

The isp is saying its because the two handsets have the same port no, I have set in advanced voip settings to use random sip ports

In the call transfer section,

I have set yes to use the r key

Transfer call by on hook is yes

Other settings are as default

Hold on transfer target is ticked for attended and unattended transfer?

Any ideas?

Use this and post the asterisk log here.

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