Issues after upgrading to SNG7


First, let me tell you about my setup:

Freepbx SNG7 install using ISO
2048mb of ram
10GB of vHDD space

The install went smoothy, but boot up gives two errors, that seem benign:

0.000000 tsc: Fast TSC calibration failed
1.629820 piix4_smbus 0000:00:07.3: SMBus base address uninitialized - upgrade bios or use force_addr=0xaddr

Those are not the issue at stake in this post, but I thought I would provide all of the information in one post.

The real issue began when I was done testing the new SNG7 and decided to get the data from my previous install (Specs: are 4gb of ram on this machine, with 20gb vHDD, Freepbx 10.13.66-16) using the backup function as I read I had no choice to do anyway, SNG7 not allowing the upgrade from the 32bit version. Upon restoring the backup on the SNG7 machine, my previous configurations implemented fine, but it seems the DB was also overwritten and now has my 32bit FreePBX data in it. I was able to recreate a lot of what was missing, and was able to make the PBX operational, by uninstalling and reinstalling some modules. That can be tricky as the SNG7 version has modules that are more recent than the online version.

My last issue was with time conditions: it did not seem to work properly. Time condition requires Calendar module to be installed, and I believe Calendar needs some data from the DB to be present. I thought: Let’s uninstall Calendar and Time Conditions, and let’s re-install them. That should create what is missing in the DB and I should be fine after that… Unfortunately, doing so only highlighted how badly the DB was impacted.

Currently, I’m at the step where I need to reinstall the Calendar module, as I cannot install the time condition one without this dependency installed. Calendar module says there is a missing requirement: FreePBX version 14.0.1rc1.18 or higher is required, you have That seems odd. My PBX firmware is 12.7.4-1712-2.sng7 and Freepbx Framework says version14.0.1.24…, which is the exact version of the Freepbx Framework found on my older VM.

What would you recommend to do next? I’ve been waiting for a new Freepbx Framework version hoping that installing a later version of the framework would put everything back in its place… I’ve also wondered where the Module Admin takes its information so I can replace the version information by my actual 12.7.4-1712-2.sng7 version…

One thing I get now: backing up from an older version and restoring it to the latest version is not as simple as I thought it would be. I wish I knew what I did wrong.

Thanks for your help!

Actually this is not supported at all and causes severe issues. In most of the freepbx documentation it specifically says backup and restore from version to the same version. Not version to higher or lower version.

You restored the database for 13 onto a 14 file system. All of the code is from 14 and it’s looking for and expecting a 14 database. What you have given it is a 13 database.

If the 13 system is still live you can migrate settings using this method:

If you only have the 13 backup, you can restore it to a new 64 bit install of 13, then upgrade to 14 using this method:

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Thanks for the replies!

No one addressed the two benign error messages… Any idea how to get rid of those?

Any chance I could downgrade to 13 and re-upgrade to 14? Am I right to think that if a new Freepbx framework was to be released, it would update my DB to the proper 14 standard?

One of the things that get confusing for those like me that don’t work on these systems daily, is the fact that the Freepbx version and the Asterisk Version numbers are the same. I’m thinking that may have played in how this situation unfolded.

Providing a ISO that is Freepbx 13 SNG7 would have saved me… Why provide an new version that you can’t directly upgrade from the last official stable legacy system?

Proactively: would it be something conceivable for Sangoma to prevent the backup restore of a old DB onto a newer version?

I’m wondering how many people made the same mistake I made…

One thing for sure: thanks for the support! This community truly is great.

No idea here.


There would be a substantial amount of work to make FreePBX 13 work on Centos 7.

There is an upgrade-in-place path for 13 systems (64 bit only) which I linked above.

Backup/Restore is getting an overhaul in version 15 and one of the goals is compatibility across major versions.

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