Issues after latest update (19)

Recently updated to distro version, then on a 6.x server. After the update, Asterisk 13 & 14 segfault non-stop. I was able to get this to stop by disabling the PJSIP protocol, but when I switched on the PJSIP channel driver to generate the core file for analysis, I couldn’t get asterisk 13 to run anymore despite having only the SIP channel driver enabled (still crashes with reference to pjproject):
pbx kernel: asterisk[27557]: segfault at 30 ip 00007fb0af9c224d sp 00007fb07b897a20 error 4 in[7fb0af943000+17d000]
That last bit is always the same, “error 4 in[7fb0af943000+17d000]”

I’ve tried reinstalling asterisk several times using asterisk-version-switch, but it doesn’t seem to have any affect on the segmentation faults.

I’m stuck on Asterisk 11 now. We heavily use both SIP and PJSIP and both are critical to our operations at this point. Any advice to get this running again?

backtrace output:

You can yum downgrade to get a lower version of asterisk 13 that would work for you. Your pastebin is unfortunately useless because it doesnt have the correct debug ("??")

Perhaps something else is going on? Do I have to revert pjproject and/or the other 20 packages that are involved with switching asterisk versions?

I tried to yum downgrade to version 13.9 from 13.14, which looks like a good number of versions back, and it appears that this is what we were running on prior to the update (checked with yum history package asterisk13). Unfortunately, we still get segfaults after restarting asterisk on that version too.

Is there something I can do to provide better information? I thought I followed the instructions at, but I didn’t recompile asterisk with any additional compile time options.

You can’t revert this as it’s bundled now.

If you are still getting seg faults then your system appears to have corrupted. You might need to just reinstall and start over. Not something you’d want to hear I know but if you go back to 13.9 and it’s still doing it…

Wait. Did you compile Asterisk yourself? You should be following

I definitely did not compile asterisk myself, this is just a distro install. That’s too bad. I’ll check on backups and prepare for the worst.

Well try looking at

Alternatively you can yum remove asterisk then go to /var/lib/asterisk/modules

and make sure everything is removed from there (it might also be lib64 depending)

Then reinstall the asterisk rpms.

I did not attempt further recovery; when you indicated that this was a fringe problem, I initiated a restore procedure on our system and brought it back to the version 6 release. We’ll try another update in a test environment and I anticipate it’ll go more smoothly.

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