Issue with trunks loading

Every time I reboot my machine my trunks won’t auto load:

mythbox-jaunty*CLI> sip show peers
Name/username Host Dyn Nat ACL Port Status
1001 (Unspecified) D N A 5060 UNKNOWN
Gizmo5 (Unspecified) N 5060 UNKNOWN
callcentric_in/ (Unspecified) 5060 UNKNOWN
callcentric_out (Unspecified) 5060 UNKNOWN
future-nine (Unspecified) N 5060 Unmonitored
voipbusterpro/ (Unspecified) N 5060 UNKNOWN
voipdiscount/ (Unspecified) N 5060 UNKNOWN
7 sip peers [Monitored: 0 online, 6 offline Unmonitored: 1 online, 0 offline]

I’ve tried adding these commands in an auto loading script in init.d directory:

asterisk -rx "module reload"
amportal stop
amportal start

Nothing works.

Is there a variation of the asterisk -rx command to force reload sip_additional.conf since freepbx reads that config?

I have found that if there is a single syntax or logic error in sip_additional.conf, then sip itself will not load, period. You need to suss out the error in sip_additional.conf.