Issue with spa112

It registers just fine but the first time its called and someone hangs up it stays off hook. Tried several devices now and have the same result with all of them.

Is there some setting I’m missing to remind this thing to actually hang up when the call ends?

This call was 6 minutes ago but only lasted 6 seconds according to the CDRs. Rebooting the ATA hangs it up but that’s obviously not a solution.

I don’t understand your post. If only the VoIP caller hangs up and the analog station doesn’t disconnect, check that CPC is enabled and try increasing the duration. If no luck, your device may not recognize CPC.

If the station does hang up but the SPA still shows it as off hook, the device, cord or SPA port could be defective. See whether it goes on hook when you unplug the cord, or try the other phone port.

Thanks. I found the CPC Duration was set to 0 which I think means its disabled. I upped that to a couple seconds and changed the CPC Delay from 2 to 1 second but the thing still shows as off hook and it wont let me reboot it remotely. Are there other settings I need to look at?

Will try having someone onsite unplug the analog line and see if it changes the status to on hook.

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