Issue with outside calls using a SIP trunk through a SIP device

I cannot make outside calls through a SIP trunk.
My network is like this:
Asterisk -> network switch -> SIP device (from SIP provider containing a number of external SIP lines).

Let us say that’s the Asterisks IP is a.a.a.a and SIP device IP=a.a.a.b.

IPs from SIP provider:
SIP server IP=c.c.c.c
SIP IP: b.b.b.b
Customer IP: f.f.f.f

I did configure a SIP and PjSIP trunks also the outgoing routs but still, I can’t make external calls no tone and says “the number is not answering” but the call didn’t go through.

Please note that I’m not using booth trunks at the same time I disable one of them during testing.

Q1: Which trunk I should use SIP or PjSIP?
Q2: What is the correct config for the trunk?
Q3: How to set the Direct Outward Dialing (DoD)?

Looking forward to your help.

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