Issue with Misc Destination call forwarding

I have a customer’s office set up to forward calls to their main number to a cell phone via a Misc Destination.
They are telling me that callers are trying to call their main number and getting a “this phone has been disconnected” message sometimes. One caller got this message three times, and got through the 4th time he tried calling.
I’m not really sure where to troubleshoot this problem? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

So my carrier says our PBX is not processing the call in time. If they don’t get a response (18x) after 7 seconds of receiving the 100 trying, the call attempt is torn down. Any idea if there is a setting for this in FreePBX?

Cheap fixes, with some downsides:

  1. Set Force Answer on the Inbound Route. Caller (and you, if you have metered incoming) get billed immediately. Caller’s phone shows call as answered, even if it isn’t.

  2. Use a Ring Group instead of a Misc Destination. Caller hears ringback tone during setup of the outbound leg. If setup is slow and the call is not quickly answered, caller may conclude that no one is there and abandon the call.

A ‘proper’ fix, but it doesn’t work with all trunks:

Point the Inbound Route to an Announcement that points to the Misc destination. Set Don’t Answer Channel on the Announcement. It can be a dummy, e.g. 1/2 second of silence, or something like “Please wait while your party is located.”

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Like @Stewart1 said, you can force an answer on the channel in the inbound route, but you can also enable 180 Ringing on the channel as well.

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Thanks @Stewart1 @lgaetz. Appreciate your help.

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