Issue with End Point Configurator and Cisco 7960 Phones

Hi All,

FreePBX 2.11 32Bit w/ *11 Distro.

When using the End Point Manager to auto-provision Cisco 7960 phones the password is showing as incorrect in the CLI output and so the phones won’t register.

I used the auto-created passwords that FreePBX creates (btw, love this feature) and I believe that they are too long for the 7960’s because even though everything else was provisioning properly, I had to shorten the passwords.

So, just wondering: Has anyone else experienced this issue with the new auto-gen’d passwords and a 7960?

I have another one here that isn’t provisioned yet if you need more details, debug output or anything else… just let me know.


Does the End Point Manager support the Cisco 7960, I didn’t see in their supported devices list.

That is totally the issue, the 7960 apparently has a limit on how long your password can be, it’s hilarious.