Issue with empty Queue allowing callers in

Hi, I’ve setup a queue with dynamic members. I want simple functionality. If agents are logged in, then callers sit in the queue until an agent answers. If all the agents log out, then the caller just goes to the failover destination(currently voicemail account).

Currently the queue works fine, the logging in and out of agents works fine, however no matter what I do, even when all agents are logged out, the callers still get put in the queue.

I’ve verified by looking at the current agents “queue show q#” to make sure agents are not logged in.

I tried all the settings under capacity options. I tried

Join Empty = strict
Leave Empty = strict

I also tried
Join Empty = no
Leave Empty = Yes

I also tried a bunch of other combos, but nothing I do allows the queue to go to failover when agents are gone.

Thanks in advance for any help.