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Guys, I’ve tried installing the latest Distro downloaded from FreePBX onto a DigitalOcean Droplet, and while installing I was forced to add SSH Keys instead of a Password. My issue is that, now I can’t log in to the server with keys. It keeps saying Server Refused Our keys. I’ll need to access server in order to update it. Would I be able to update server using the GUI?.. Also, I tried getting in using the Access Console in the droplet, but I was met with Freepbx login: and Password… Would anyone know what info would work. Thanks in advance.

Someone has worked out Distro installation on DigitalOcean for you and provided it in a one-click installer.

Thank you for your prompt reply, however, I am a little confused on how to install Freepbx this way… Would you be able to explain it, please?. TY

Just click the Create FreePBX Droplet button. Read the Getting Started section on the page for how to log in using your SSH key or password.


Dude!!! Thank you very much…

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