Issue with Conference Pin Numbers - that pin is invalid for the conference

Hi All. I’m having an issue with the conferences module. The announcement “that pin is invalid for the conference” immediately plays after dialing conference extension and repeats itself before disconnecting the call. At first I thought it could be DTMF but voicemail is responding fine. I’ve tried uninstalling and reloading the module with no luck. People can enter the conference room if I take the PIN requirement out. Any ideas? I have the latest version of FreePBX. Thanks!

It would appear DTMF is working for Voice mail but NOT Conferencing.

Hello Everybody. I am still having this same issue with the conference not working correctly. Anytime I tell the conference to use a pin the system immediately announces “that pin is invalid for the conference” over and over again, then the system hangs up. The conference room works just fine if I remove the pin requirement. I’m really stumped. If anybody has any thoughts please let me know. I’m running the latest release of FreePBX. Thanks!