Issue with CID Superfecta

I have an issue with CID Superfecta. When i go into the module and attempt to change the order of the sources and I apply it I get the following error CID Scheme Updated {“success”:false} but none of the changes were saved.

Here is what i did to attempt a self fix. rebooted the PBX. verified PHP version was 5.3, uninstalled the CID superfecta module and reinstalled.

Any ideas? Am I forgetting something?
Running FreePBX 12 and CID Superfecta 2.11.16

When you say you uninstalled it, did you completely remove and reinstall it by downloading it again?

Yes via the modules admin.

Sorry, but that tells me nothing. I need to know if you clicked uninstall or remove? Uninstalling leaves the original download on the drive, remove will uninstall and remove the module from the drive. Once you have done the uninstall, navigate to /root /var /www /html /admin /modules and see if you have a folder called Superfecta

If the folder is still visible, it did not get removed, I believe you can delete it and then go back to module admin and download it again.

If it turns out to be a DB issue, that is another matter and you will need some help on that. I think it is just config files not being removed correctly, I could be wrong.

Also, just one more thought as I think this happened to me once, do you have any images showing up within superfecta?

I have the exact same thing shown in your picture

This is a javascript error. The navigation is not being prevented because there is a previous javascript error on the page. We would need to see the javascript dev console output

Ok I can do that… Could you give me instructions to get you that info?

Hey Andrew so I loaded up Firefox went to that page and watched the JS debug console when I see that error and this is all I see “TypeError: $(…).ajaxSubmit is not a function config.php:99:16”

deanot26508 I did try both methods and still no joy, I even made sure the superfecta was not in said DIr as you stated

The problem is that the form submitter javascript file isnt being loaded. Specifically the file “jquery.form.js” is not being loaded. This is usually a problem with your setup. It can be permissions etc. Numerous things. But when it comes down to it the file cant be loaded.

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Ok… good to know, would running amportal chown fix this type of issue? I can give you the deployment flow it this helps?
I fresh installed ver 11 back in december of 2014 rolled up to ver 12 (via modules admin) and have only added webmin and DHCP server on my PBX. I have been keeping up with the updates except for a period of 2 months then noticed I had 20-30 Updates i did them and now have this issue.

Teach me Master yoda :smiley:


I seem to be having the exact same problem.
Was working perfectly before…

EDIT: Problem was resolved - seems I didn’t update all modules. After doing this and amportal chown no errors where shown.