Issue with CDR Reporting

     So I have done a fresh install of FreePBX on a 2 server recently. Everything seems to be working just fine, but CDR Reporting does not show any logs for any calls. When I click to generate a report nothing happens, no report is sent. I have a VirtualBox server running to check it and cannot get it to work on there either.

     I have checked mysql and it looks like the user name and password are working and the asteriskcdrdb table has been created. I am running out of ideas at this point.

     I used the AsteriskNOW-2.0.2-i386-DVD to create the disks for install.

Asterisk Now is not a very good implementation of the FreePBX interface. I think you will find using a real FreePBX distro is the better choice.

AsteriskNow does not setup CDR reporting and you would need to look at setting up the MySQL addons for Asterisk to get that working.