Issue with calling external numbers in ring group

I have a ring group that calls four internal extensions and two external numbers in ‘ringall’ configuration. When I call the ring group extension, all internal extensions ring, but the external lines do not. When I look at the CDR reports, the external numbers are reported as ‘busy’. The numbers are written with a # at the end of the last number in the extension list.

This has been working perfectly from the time I set it up, but have just noticed this issue now. I haven’t made any changes to the system since the time that they were functioning correctly that I know of. When I call the external numbers directly, the call goes through without issue.

I attached a screenshot of the ring group settings (numbers removed) and my outgoing dialing rules (these haven’t been changed at all).

Would anyone have any advice? its just a home setup, so don’t have a great deal of experience with some of the finer points of freepbx (:


Dialing rules are ‘XX.’, for the match pattern, couldn’t upload a second screenshot

A new feature in the ring group is the ‘Send Progress’ option, it seems unlikely to me, but if it just started by itself recently, you might try disabling and retest.

I disabled this, but still not working… Any other ideas? :confused:

Going to need a sanitized call trace.

I’ve had a bit of a look about how I would do a call trace, but just need some pointers … would I do that through the CLI? appreciate your help .

Thank you! I’ve actually just got it working this minute. I had a look at the CDR reports and noticed that the Outbound CallerID for the calls originating from the ring group was my external DID number, whilst the OutboundID for calls I made manually was the username of my trunk. I set a fixed CID value in the ring group settings, as the trunk username and it is now working. Thanks for your help.

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