Issue w/ Autoprovisioning and vLANs

I’ve run into an odd issue, I’ve got a site that I have manually set the phones (yealink t21p) to use vlan2, they also have static IPs (I have no control over the network itself). when they auto provision they seem to loose the vLAN. I am using the OSS endpoint manager but I am not sure that has much baring.

I think I am looking at appending vlan info to config files to just eschew using autoprovisioing for this site. but input/idea may be helpful as well.

There are many nuanced options in VLAN setup that can make using them a real nightmare. One of the issues is that there doesn’t seem to be a common vernacular among VLAN implementors, so options and terms are used gratuitously, almost as if Marketing wrote the documentation.

If I was doing it, and from watching people here pull their hair out over it, I’d recommend sticking with the auto-provisioning and dump the VLANs unless they are absolutely necessary.

Looks like I am going to have to skip autoprovision once the device is in the field.

Network wise, I can quote my boss, “Not my circus, not my monkeys”. I have zero control over the network and this is what the people that manage it wanted.

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