Issue using voicemail pound (#) return to IVR

I am using FPB12 and Asterisk 11. I have an IVR that allows for direct extension dialing. Also return to IVR is checked. However, when a user gets into voicemail and hits # to return to the IVR, it replays the voicemail greeting for the same extension again. Hitting # again after leaving a vm then will return the user to the IVR.

I’ve tested this on multiple systems and using two different methods to transfer to an extension (via direct dial and via IVR option defined to go to a preset extension)

Has anyone else seen this? Could it be a strange setting that I have set?

Thank you.

Known issue:

Pretty sure it’s fixed in 13.

Thanks so much. I missed that. I’ll try the suggested workaround until I can get FPBX 13 installed.