Issue using "Upload Certificate"

I recently bought a new certificate to run our companies phone service. In the mail I received four different certificates:

  • Root CA Certificate - AAACertificateServices.crt
  • Intermediate CA Certificate - USERTrustRSAAAACA.crt
  • Intermediate CA Certificate - SectigoRSA…
  • Your COMODO SSL Certificate - pbx_…

I followed these steps:
Certificate Management -> delete old certificate -> Upload Certificate
I upload the private key
In “Certificate” I upload “* Your COMODO SSL Certificate - pbx_…”
In “Trusted Chain” I upload “* Intermediate CA Certificate - USERTrustRSAAAACA.crt”
I press “Generate Certificate”
I choose “apply config”
I choose the new certificate as default
I go to System Admin - HTTPS Setup - Settings - Install Certificate

I go to the UCP and try to make a call. It shows green and a text says “registered” but when I try to make a call nothing really happens.

Is there anything I’m missing here? The phone system worked with the old certificate last week, and I haven’t done any hardware changes since then.

Open a ticket on this. It could be something simple, but there are enough variations in all of the different interfaces that it’s probably just something where you’re not holding your tongue right.

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